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Choosing Gravel For Your Paver Foundation

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When you’re putting in permeable pavers in your yard, you need to build a solid foundation to support them. It’s important that the foundation be porous, though. One of the best options for this kind of application is gravel, particularly mixtures made from crushed limestone and similar materials. This type of filler allows for sufficient drainage. Here are some of the different types of gravel you can choose from. Fine gravel is ideal for stability because it packs in fairly tightly. This reduces the risk of having the pavers shift or crack due to insufficient support. However, that tight packing reduces its drainage ability. This can lead to water pooling up directly under the pavers and may even cause heaving if the temperatures drop below freezing. You’ll only want to use fine gravel if you’re not particularly worried about heavy or substantial rain. Medium gravel contains larger pieces than fine gravel. That reduces how tightly it can pack, so you’ll have better drainage. It does pack in tight enough to support the pavers, though. It’s actually an ideal mixture because it packs tight enough for stability without being so tight that it interferes with drainage. This helps the pavers stand up to traffic without worry of water pooling and causing other damage. Coarse gravel is best for higher demand areas. If your gravel is going to have to stand up to a lot of traffic and lots of weight, you may want to invest in coarse gravel instead. This gravel consists of larger stone sizes so it offers more support against lots of weight, like that from construction equipment or heavy gear. Coarse gravel also ensures the most drainage because of the larger holes between the stone. Recycled gravel is another great choice. It’s not made from limestone like most gravel products. Instead, it’s usually produced from ground-up concrete. It has a similar texture to the traditional gravel products but it’s usually more affordable. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective choice that is just as effective for your needs, you may want to talk with your supplier about the benefits of recycled gravel for your project. With so many different options, choosing the right one takes some time. Be objective about what your property really needs in terms of drainage and stability. That way, you can be sure that your pavers will be strong and stable for years to come without concern of water damage....

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Turning Your Spare Room Into A Nursery? Don’t Forget These Electrical Upgrades

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Is it time to turn that spare room into a nursery? When you’re picking out paint colors and deciding on decor, you also need to put electrical upgrades on the list. Talk to your electrical contractor about the following additions to your baby’s room. USB Outlets Everything electronic has a USB charger these days, but those bulky adapters can hog your outlet space. Upgrading your old outlets into newer models that have built-in charging ports can make it easier to accommodate basics that you need for the baby’s room, like monitors and white noise machines. It’s also smart planning for the future—down the line, you’ll need room to charge all of the electronics that your child is likely to collect. Everything from digital toys to digital readers can be plugged in more easily with a USB port that feeds directly into a source of power. Tamper-Resistant Receptacles Whether you add USB outlets or not, you need to make sure that the electrical receptacles in your baby’s room are outfitted with tamper-resistant shutters. To a small child, those ordinary electrical outlets look a lot like hungry little faces, waiting to be fed anything that can be fit into them. Around 2,400 children each year suffer from shocks and burns after sticking items into non-shuttered outlets and as many as a dozen of those children die. Shuttered outlets only open if they’re pressed simultaneously (like when you plug something into the outlet). Extra Outlets While it sounds simple, extra outlets can make your baby’s room safer. Many older homes were designed with only a couple of outlets per room, back in the day with the only electrical items in a room were usually a couple of lamps. Today, the need for extra outlets can cause you to rely on extension cords—which are a huge hazard for your baby. Once your baby starts walking, extension cords can turn into tripping hazards. Even a crawling infant can end up tugging on an extension cord, inadvertently pulling whatever is attached to it down on his or her head. Outlet Covers Finally, you also need to keep your baby from pulling cords out of outlets. There are a variety of possible covers that you can get—clear plastic ones make it easy to see what is plugged in where, but solid plastic ones make it less interesting for you baby to examine. Talk to you contractor to see what he or she recommends. You want something that will be reasonably easy for you to remove but difficult for your baby to knock off by accident. For more suggestions about how to update the electricity in your baby’s room, especially with an eye toward accommodating your child’s future needs as he or she grows, talk to an electrical contractor...

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Learn How A Tree Trimming Company Can Help You Prepare For Holiday Decorating

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If you plan to hang lights on your trees this holiday season, it is best to plan ahead to ensure that they can be hung safely when the time comes. Hire a tree trimming company to help you prepare for the holiday season a few months ahead of time to ensure your trees look exactly how you want them to look when the lights are hung on them. Use the guide below to learn how to have the tree trimming company help you prepare for holiday decorating. Remove Dead Tree Limbs The first thing that you want the tree trimming company to do is to remove any dead tree limbs from the trees in your yard. Dead tree limbs may not be able to support the weight of the lights, which could create a dangerous situation. By having all dead limbs removed, you can rest assured that all limbs left on the trees will be strong enough to support the lights or any other decorations you want to hang during the holiday season. Have the Trees Shaped When you hang lights and decorations from the trees, it is best if the trees have a structured shape. This creates a more visually appealing look that can really affect the overall landscape of your yard. Have the tree trimming company take the time to trim the branches on the trees so that each tree has a defined shape. If you have bushes that need to be shaped, the tree trimming company could shape them for you as well. Have the Taller Trees Topped While the tree trimming company is at your house, have them top any extremely large trees to ensure that they do not become a hazard during the harsh winter weather. Very tall trees can sometimes topple over or their branches can break when they are weighed down with massive amounts of snow. Removing the tops of the trees will make the trees easier to decorate and cut down on the chances of a tree falling over when it is covered in snow. After the company finishes trimming all of the branches and topping the trees, they will remove the limbs from your yard so that it looks neat and orderly when they are done. Topping trees, removing branches, and shaping the limbs of branches takes time. Be sure to provide the company with ample time and keep all vehicles parked away from the areas where the limbs are being trimmed to ensure that no branches fall on your vehicles accidentally. Talk with a company like Kansas City Tree Care, LLC for more...

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Security Tips for Your Business Entry Door

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You want your business to be welcoming to customers during open hours yet secure against theft after closing time. One of the keys to security is creating a welcoming entrance that can be put on full lockdown once you go home for the evening. The following security tips can help you choose the right door or make the one you already have more secure. Tip #1: Choose the right type of glass Glass doors create a more welcoming entrance than solid doors, since they are open and inviting. However, they can also pose a security risk if you are worried about someone smashing the door to gain entry. Opt for thick tempered glass, which is more difficult to break without major force. Have it installed in a metal frame. Vinyl or wood frames, although not commonly used, are still available, but they aren’t as strong as metal frames. You can also have a laminate film applied over the glass. This prevents the glass from falling inward if it is shattered, which can slow down a thief long enough that they get caught. Tip #2: Consider your lock options The type of lock you opt for depends on the door. For a standard door, a combination electronic and mechanical deadbolt is the best option. Make sure there is a metal guard on the frame so that a thief can’t try to pry the frame away from where the deadbolt enters the shaft. For sliding or automatic glass doors, you need a more secure system. This is because these doors can sometimes be forced apart or taken off their tracks. Most sliding doors use a dual-door system. Make sure the doors latch both to each other and to the floor and ceiling. A sliding bolt that slips into a metal ceiling and floor shaft works well. This type of anchoring makes it difficult to force the door off the track. Tip #3: Add a security cage If you are in a high-crime area or are especially worried about your glass storefront becoming a target, invest in a security cage. Cages can be installed to slide down over the entire front of the store, effectively securing it against any approach while the cage is closed. If you prefer a less obvious option, get internal cages that slide down behind the door or windows. Although not quite as secure, since windows can still be broken, an internal cage is usually still sufficient to prevent actual entrance even if the door is kicked in. Visit sites such as or talk to a commercial door contractor in your area for more help in choosing the right...

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Four Things That Can Help Your Cooling System Stay In Working Order During The Off-Season

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You might not be giving your AC unit much thought over the winter months. As spring turns into summer and the first heat wave hits, the last thing you want to be stuck with is a malfunctioning AC unit. If you can be good to your cooling system year-round, then it will be ready when you need it and won’t give you trouble at the start of the warm season. Here are four tips when it comes to keeping your AC unit in working order during the off-season. 1. Invest in an Outdoor Cover If you live in an area where you can really feel the seasons, your exterior AC unit might be faced with harsh winter weather. It is a good idea to invest in a fitter cover to protect your air conditioner from rusting, freezing, debris, or animals making homes within your compressor. When warm weather rolls around again, your external AC unit will be ready and free from damage. 2. Keep Cleaning Needs on Your Radar When you are shutting down your cooling system for the season, be sure to clean areas inside and out that are related to your cooling system. Vacuum in and around vents, especially if these will be used for your heating system as well. If these cleaning habits can continue throughout the winter, you won’t have to do a big clean when it is time to turn your AC unit back on. 3. Off-Season Servicing It is never a good idea to wait until the hottest day of the summer to call in a heating and cooling specialist to come and look at why your AC unit isn’t cooling right or is making weird noises. If you can have this looked at in between seasons, you won’t be in dire need of repairs, and your HVAC contractor won’t be as swamped when it comes to their servicing schedule. 4. Think About Upgrades Needed The off-season is a great time to find deals on new AC units and programmable thermostats. If you wait to look into investments around your air conditioning needs until the summer, prices will be up and you won’t find as many deals. If your cooling system is linked to your heating needs as well, try to schedule upgrades during mild weather so this isn’t during either a heatwave or a cold snap, when prices might be up for equipment and servicing. Keeping your cooling system in working order throughout the entire year can save you money and can cut down on emergency repairs. Try not to only give your air conditioner the attention this needs only in the summer months. If you can provide maintenance and upkeep throughout the off-season as well, your AC unit will be ready to go when summer heats up. Call a contractor, like Universal Enterprises Inc., for more...

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How Can You Tell If Your Fireplace Needs To Be Cleaned?

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Fireplaces need to be cleaned periodically or they become a fire hazard. This is because smoke buildup inside a fireplace can lead to the development of a substance called “creosote.” Creosote is a sticky, smelly, highly combustible substance that can easily catch fire when a fireplace is in use. How can you tell if your fireplace needs to be cleaned? You likely won’t notice just by using it that your chimney needs to be cleaned. You may notice a smell coming from your chimney, which could be an indication of creosote buildup. However, the best way to tell whether or not your chimney should be professionally cleaned is by putting on a pair of goggles and a dust mask and sticking your head up into the fireplace. Use a knife to scrape the soot off of the damper. If the indentation that you scratch into the soot is 1/4 of an inch thick or more, then your chimney should definitely be cleaned as soon as possible. Can you clean your chimney yourself? Chimney cleaning is best left to a professional. Chimney cleaners often have special equipment to fully remove the soot and grime from the inside of your chimney. In addition, chimney cleaners typically inspect chimneys at the same time that they perform the cleaning. Getting your chimney inspected while it is cleaned will help ensure that problems with your chimney are caught and remedied in a timely fashion. Do you still need to clean your fireplace even if you only use it once or twice per year? If you use your fireplace only a few times per year, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to clean it annually. However, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that every chimney owner have their chimney inspected annually, even if they’re used very rarely. This is because chimneys can sustain damage even when they’re not in use. For example, over time the flu liner inside the chimney and the mortar between the bricks can start to deteriorate. This is because seismic activity, settling of the house, moisture and age all can take a toll on a chimney. In addition, birds and other pests may choose to build their nests inside chimneys. Bird and animal nests inside a chimney can be a fire hazard, and can also obstruct air flow through the fireplace. Having the chimney inspected annually will help ensure that the chimney is safe to use. For more information, visit sites like...

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How To Clean A Furnace Blower Compartment

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Over its lifetime, your furnace is bound to lose some of its efficiency. Usually, decreased airflow is a result of a furnace that simply has not been serviced in a while. Most people call professional HVAC contractors to inspect and service their furnace. The motor and gas lines within the furnace should definitely be handled by licensed professionals. However, there are several components of a normal furnace that can be easily checked and often repaired to make it more efficient. Every furnace will have a large blower compartment that is easily accessible. This article explains how to access and clean within the blower compartment to hopefully increase the airflow of your furnace. Accessing the Blower Compartment Furnaces are usually located in the basement or garage. The large metal cabinet has a main access door which usually holds the blower. On some furnaces the access door is opened with a latch. On some older models you actually need to take out some screws to get the access door off. Likewise, older models do not have a convenient power switch that you can simply turn off before working on it. Some newer models have a power switch on the outside of the actual cabinet, or just inside the door. Cleaning the Blower Compartment You will need to have a good light source to see inside the blower compartment once the door is removed. First, give the compartment a thorough cleaning. You can wipe it down with wet rags or use a hose vacuum to reach deep inside. The most important areas to clean are the fans, the blades, and any input or output hoses. These are the critical junctures where air is circulated by the fan. If these are blocked in any way, the airflow will be greatly affected. You will also notice electronic control boards within a separate compartment inside the cabinet. Be careful to not knock any of these wires. However, if the wires and board look dusty or moldy, you can wipe them down carefully. If it seems like the electronic components are more seriously damaged, you should leave them alone and call an HVAC specialist for a furnace repair. This simple cleaning can greatly increase the efficiency of your unit. Your furnace may start to run better, more quietly, and use less energy to power the blower. In fact, this is a smart job to do even if you don’t currently notice any problems with airflow in your home. If your furnace is not been serviced for a few years, this is never a bad...

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Need Construction Equipment? Why Renting Is The Way To Go

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Working in the construction industry is all about making sure you have the tools that you need to get the job done.  The last thing you want to deal with is the disappointment that can arise when you’re offered a high paying project, only to find that your inventory doesn’t include the heavy machinery that you need, and your budget won’t allow you to make the purchase.  However, before you say no to an opportunity that could help you expand your business, you should consider renting construction equipment.  Learning more about the benefits of renting construction equipment can help you see why it’s the right choice for you. Renting Lets You Avoid The Cost Of Ownership One of the most compelling reasons why you should rent construction equipment is because it helps you avoid the cost of ownership.  Even if you find that it’s within your company’s budget to purchase one or more pieces of heavy construction equipment, factoring in the total amount of money that you can expect to pay when you own the equipment may make you change your mind. For example, you’ll need to purchase and maintain insurance on your equipment.  This is vital, since you definitely wouldn’t want to be on the hook for paying the entire balance if your equipment is ever damaged.  You also have to think about maintaining the equipment and finding somewhere to store it.  Storage alone can be pricey, since it may mean that you’ll have to lease a larger facility to house your new belongings. When you rent construction equipment, the rental company is charged with maintaining insurance, keeping the equipment working properly and storing it during the off season so you won’t have to worry about it. Construction Equipment Rental Gives You Access To Up-To-Date Products Another reason why it’s such a good idea to rent construction equipment is because it gives you access to the latest products.  You want equipment that works as efficiently as possible so you can complete your projects in a time-sensitive manner.  If you purchase the equipment, you may be using outdated technology that prolongs the process.  Equipment rental companies update their inventory to include the latest products, so you’ll always have access to the best. Renting your construction equipment could prove to be one of the best decisions that you could have made.  Start renting your equipment today so you can begin enjoying these benefits and...

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3 Perks Of Laminate Floor

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Laminate floors are great for residential property owners who want a low maintenance, no-nonsense product. Many people are drawn to laminate because they are so easy to own. But, laminate floors are also very stylish. They are much more affordable than wood or tile floors and the installation is so much faster. At the same time, laminate floors are very cheap and easy to maintain over the years. It is easy to see why laminate floors are used in so many different types of construction.  Laminate Floors Have Great Faux Textures and Prints Laminate floors have very technical designs. Since most people don’t want their floors to look like cheap old linoleum, they choose laminate floors that have wood or stone prints. High quality laminates even have fake textures that make the floor look even more like the real thing. For instance, a laminate floor with a wood print will even have the feel of rough hewn wood. This slight texture makes the laminate look a like more realistic  and warmer, but also makes it easier to clean. Laminate Floors are Easy to Install Not all laminate floors use the same installation system. Some have interlocking edges that allow the pieces to fit together like a puzzle. Then, you just add flooring adhesive to the subfloor and place the laminate down. These are simple to install, but they are not the easiest. The easiest laminate floors to install are those with adhesive backing. This a basically just big flooring stickers. You peel off the paper back before you lay the flooring. This obviously simplifies the installation process and makes it very fast. No special tools, power saws or drills are necessary. You can easily cut the laminate to size using a utility blade or large scissors.   Laminate Floors are Easy to Maintain As mentioned, laminate floors are very easy to maintain. They can be clean with ease, whether you choose to wet mop, sweep or vacuum them. Furthermore, you don’t need to apply an protective coat or stain to seal the floor and make it waterproof. This means you end up saving a lot of time and money over the years. Refinishing wood floors is a painstaking and expensive process. It is easy to see why many homeowners prefer owning a laminate floor with a wood texture and print instead of actual wood. There are many reasons to choose laminate floors, it is easy to see why it is such a popular material. Contact a local outlet, such as Lockwoods Carpets, for further assistance....

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The Most Common Propane Gas Delivery Options Available To You

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Propane delivery companies offer a range of options regarding how they deliver propane. You will want to inform yourself about these options both when trying to determine which propane delivery service to patronize and when determining how you would like propane to be delivered to your home. Spare Tanks Vs. Exchange Tanks When receiving a delivery, you have the option between a spare tank and an exchange tank. A spare tank is a full tank that is simply delivered without the need to exchange an empty tank. An exchange tank, on the other hand, is a tank that is provided in exchange for a new one. The advantage of a spare tank is that you will always have access to propane even if you have a higher demand for it than expected. If you already own a tank, the company will often perform a pre-fill inspection. The Hours Of Operation Find out the specific days that the propane tank service operates. For example, if there are no deliveries on Sunday, make sure to order deliveries early if necessary. Same Day And Next Day Delivery Determine whether you need same-day or next-day delivery. Many propane delivery services offer these as options. However, these services can be more expensive than other services. There is usually a deadline by which a next day delivery order must be placed. Home Delivery Requirements Determine whether you are expected to be at home during your delivery. In some cases, you are only required to tell the technicians the location where you placed the tank. Also, find out if the company provides scheduled deliveries for a specific window of time. Find out if there are any specific rules regarding delivery. For instance, it is sometimes required that the empty tanks be accessible since the technicians are often not allowed to simply leave tanks outside. Generally, technicians will not enter a home to deliver the propane if you are not home to avoid liability concerns. Automatic Delivery Systems And Advanced Call Delivery Find out if there are any automatic delivery systems. In addition to routinely being supplied with propane, companies that offer automatic delivery systems will often provide free propane if you ever run out, as compensation. This helps give you the peace of mind knowing that you will never run out. Also, if you run out of propane early, find out if there are any advanced call delivery...

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