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Reasons To Choose A Condensing Furnace For Your Home

by Wade Black

Heating your home represents a huge expense. Anything you can do to heat your home more efficiently can help to keep costs low. You can improve your efficiency by sealing leaks in your ducts, updating your windows, or using thermal curtains. However, if you have an older furnace, your best efforts will not be as effective as they could be. Replacing your furnace with a newer, more efficient furnace can help you to keep your home comfortable through the winter and keep your costs down at the same time. 

Problems with the Conventional Furnace

In decades past, the requirements for furnace efficiency were much more relaxed than they are today. Many of the furnaces produced in times past started out being inefficient and have only become more efficient due to wear and tear over time. For example, some furnaces will use a pilot light. A pilot light constantly burns fuel in order to be lit and ready to ignite gas flowing into a furnace's burner whenever heat is needed.

Conventional furnaces expel exhaust through a vent pipe. The exhaust gases that escape your home in this way contain heat, which is simply lost. Newer furnaces will make improvements in these areas that will help you to improve the efficiency of your furnace.

What Makes a Condensing Furnace So Much Better

Even a newer model of a conventional furnace should have an electronic ignition system that will replace the pilot light used on older furnaces. The electronic ignition system used on these newer models saves a lot of fuel, but even the newest conventional furnaces will top out at about 83% efficient. 

A condensing furnace will have two heat exchangers compared to the one heat exchanger that a conventional furnace will have. The second heat exchanger will extract even more heat from the exhaust gases leaving the furnace. The condensing furnace will extract so much heat from the gases that they will condense and can no longer escape from the furnace through a vent pipe. Because of the second heat exchanger, condensing furnaces can be up to 98% efficient.

The more efficient a furnace is, the more you stand to save on your heating costs. A furnace is just part of a heating system, but it is an important part. Without the right furnace in your home, you will never save as much money as you could. If you heat your home with a furnace, updating your furnace just might be the key to making your heating bills more manageable. (For more information, contact Arendosh Heating & Cooling or another company)