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Additional Factors To Consider Before Repairing Your Home's Foundation

by Wade Black

When your foundation needs repair work, you have to consider a few factors before you complete any of the work. Understanding these factors is the best way to prevent further damage to your home. Once you have this additional information, it will be easier to determine which services you need to repair your home's foundation.

Foundation Vents

When your home has a crawlspace, you will have additional items to think about before you repair your foundation. The first factor to consider when you have a crawlspace is whether you need to upgrade or replace your foundation vents. These vents help circulate air throughout the crawlspace during the summer months, so that the humidity does not cause mold or rot damage to your home.

Before the repair work starts, you should first consider the condition of your current vents. Broken vents for example need to be replaced, since these pieces keep rodents and other pests out of your crawlspace. You also need to make sure the vents are not closed up, because their purpose of circulating air is important for minimizing rot damage to the underside of your home.

When repairing your foundation, you can take this opportunity to upgrade the vents at the same time. Some manufacturers offer automatic vents that open at 70 degrees and close at about 40 degrees. The automatic feature helps control the amount of cold air that could damage your home's water lines that run through your crawlspace, while still allowing the vents to circulate hot air during the summer months.

Weeping Tiles

Another area you need to consider is the weeping tiles around your home's foundation. During the repair process, you can also have the foundation company upgrade your weeping tiles so they work better. The main purpose of the weeping tiles to give water an alternative route, so the moisture cannot does not seep into your foundation and cause additional damage.

When your home relies of clay weeping tiles for example, the foundation company may find that these tiles are broken, which reduces their effectiveness. One alternative to clay weeping tiles is to upgrade them to a four-inch plastic hose that uses holes so that water can wick away from your foundation. The plastic hose will last longer and it is not as susceptible to damage, which makes it a better option for your home.

Before you start any type of foundation repair, you have to consider the vents and weeping tiles as well. Replacing or upgrading these items can help you reduce the chances that your foundation will have additional issues from any type of moisture. After you have this information, you can then choose the right services for repairing your home's foundation.