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Asphalt Repair: How To Repair Minor Damage To Your Driveway

by Wade Black

It is quite common for asphalt driveways to develop small cracks and potholes over the years. If your driveway has developed this type of damage, you should know that the process of repairing this damage yourself can actually be quite easy and affordable. Following the steps below will allow you to accomplish this task.

Materials You Will Need

  • cold asphalt mix
  • water
  • bucket (must be large enough to accommodate your entire batch of asphalt mix)
  • mixing paddle
  • trowel
  • leaf blower or stiff bristle broom
  • hand tamper

Step 1: Clean Damaged Area

Using your leaf blower or broom, clean the area both in and around the damage to your driveway. Be sure to remove all dirt and debris in order to prevent this debris from mixing with your repair materials and ultimately compromising the strength of your repair.

If your driveway is soiled with substances that cannot be removed using the cleaning method above (such as an oil spill), you can use a garden hose or pressure washer to clean the soiled area. However, be aware that using this cleaning method can significantly increase your overall repair times since you will need to allow several hours for the asphalt to dry completely before you are able to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Fill With Asphalt Mixture

In a large bucket, mix your cold asphalt with the amount of water indicated by the package instructions. Using your trowel fill each crack and pothole in your driveway until it is overflowing. You will need to ensure that mound of asphalt overflowing from each crack is at least several inches higher than your existing driveway materials. This will ensure that you have plenty of asphalt to work with when compacting these materials in the final step of the repair process.

Step 3: Compress Repair Patch

Finally, use your hand tamper to compact your asphalt until it is packed as tightly as possible into the damaged area. This final step is extremely important because the tighter these materials are packed, the stronger your repair patch will be.

Once you have compressed your repair patch to the point where it is even with the rest of your driveway, simply allow the materials to dry completely and then resume regular use of your driveway.

In Conclusion

When repairing minor damage to your asphalt driveway, the repair process described above will be extremely effective. However, this process is not intended for use in repairing major damage, as repairing this major damage will often require the use of hot asphalt and heavy equipment in order to be repaired properly. Consequently, if the cracks and potholes in your driveway are any larger than a few inches, you will need to contact a qualified asphalt contractor like Northern Asphalt Inc. to help you get the job done right.