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Vanity And Cabinet Combos For Your Bathroom Remodel

by Wade Black

Your cabinetry and vanity play a large role in your overall bathroom design. While the two don't have to match necessarily, keeping them complementary is important for a cohesive design. Plan your bathroom remodel around an attractive vanity and cabinet combination.

Furniture Style

If you have a historical or cottage bathroom, cabinets and a vanity that at least look like stand-alone furniture work well. For instance, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having furniture-style feet and crown molding added to a built-in vanity and cabinet installation. Alternatively, consider repurposing actual furniture. Have plumbing and a sink installed in a chest of drawers painted to match the bathroom cabinetry. To lighten up the look of this piece, consider opening up the bottom half for open storage.


Clean, sharp lines are an attractive look for a modern bathroom. For this look, it's all about the shapes you create in your design. For example, a floating vanity creates a sleek rectangle centered on your wall. Mimic this ratio in your cabinetry with a tall, narrow piece. Alternatively, pare down the vanity to abstract minimalism with a wall-mount sink. Couple this with open cabinets and geometric shelving. Such design also expands the visual space in your bathroom.

Colorful Creations

Perhaps you have a creative flair and you're ready for that to show in your bathroom design. Well, there's no rule stating your cabinetry and vanity have to be white or natural wood in color. Select a bright color such as turquoise or yellow for a vanity-cabinet combination. Add to this another design element such as repurposed materials. Consider hanging a barn door in place of the traditional one. Alternatively, hang weathered wood paneling from an old farmhouse on one wall. The key is to echo the color in at least one more area, such as the window trim or the tile work.

Customized Storage

As you're redesigning your bathroom space anyway, you might as well have it custom made to your needs. Talk to your contractors about the space in your bathroom and the amount of storage you want. While you're at it, consider getting creative with the storage itself. Get rid of the doors in your cabinets, and have the shelves built to meet your storage necessities. For instance, leave one space open for a hamper, but have a cubby built with an X shape for your towels. In fact, there's no reason you can't have a whole selection of big and small cubbies built into your cabinet and vanity for all your toilet items.

As you make your remodeling plans, give extra consideration to the vanity and cabinet combo. You can work with a company, like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Design, to help you decide on the perfect cabinet and vanity combo.