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Work At Home? Make Your Office More Interesting

by Wade Black

If you work at home and have your own office, you should try to make it as interesting as you can. Instead of walking into a boring office, give it a coat of paint to brighten it up, add some lighting, adorn your walls, and even some bobble heads.

Below are some tips to turn your boring office into something you will not mind sitting in all day:


Because you work at home, you can choose whatever color you like for your office walls. Choose something bright and cheerful to lighten up your mood. Colors can affect the mood you are in. For example, yellow is cheerful, red is invigorating, etc.

Blue is the color for productivity, and is exactly what you need if you work at home. Look over different shades of blue until you find something you like, and give those walls some fresh color.

Use Bobble Heads

Make your desk fun by placing some bobble heads on it. There are many different types available, and you can find them in your favorite sports team, television characters, etc. Choose a few and put some next to your monitor so you can see them while you are working.

Adorn the Walls

If you have children, frame their artwork and hang them on your walls. If you have clients that send you cards thanking you for a job well done or a nice note from them, frame them, and hang them up for display. You can also purchase some inexpensive colorful artwork.

Hang up photographs of your children, spouse, family dog, etc. on the walls. Making your walls more cheerful can help brighten your mood. Seeing your family's photographs can help remind you why you need to work so hard and give you some motivation.

Go Back in Time

Take your home office back in time by purchasing a corded telephone, blotter, cast iron stapler, and a mountable pencil sharpener.

Put a wall clock on the wall that is not digital, and use a metal wire storage basket to keep your important papers in. Purchase a vintage alarm clock and vintage task lamp to sit on your desk.

You should also make sure you purchase the most comfortable desk chair that you can. You will spend a lot of time sitting in it every day. There are some chairs that come in some fun colors, if you prefer that over the standard black office chair. To learn more, contact a company like Thompson Painting with any questions you have.