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Algae On Your Asphalt Roof? Time For A Solid Metal Upgrade

by Wade Black

If the asphalt shingle roof on your home is showing signs of algae, and you notice a lot of discoloration, it's time for new shingles. Instead of using asphalt shingles, which can deteriorate over time, you may want to consider metal roof paneling instead.

Metal roofing is more reliable and ecological option for your roofing needs and you are going to see a variety of benefits while you own the home. Here are some details about how much better metal roofing will be.

Weathering Resilience

The metal is completely resilient to weathering. It is impermeable, so rain or melting snow isn't going to get absorbed like your asphalt shingles, and algae isn't going to go grow on the top and cause deterioration. The sun isn't going to fade your panels, the frost isn't going to move or crack the panels, and they aren't going to be affected humidity. The interlock system is also going to prevent wind damage, because the pieces fit together like a puzzle, with no loose areas to lift.

Impact Protection and Fire Resistance

Not only is the roof going to be strong against high winds, but it's also going to be impact resistant, to prevent damages from falling tree branches or other heavy items. This is ideal if you live around a lot of tall heavy trees or telephone poles. The metal is also fire resistant, so it won't light on fire if a downed power line hits the roof, or if fire comes to your yard from another property. Not only do these features make you feel safer, but you'll earn a discount on your home insurance.

Energy Savings

The metal roof has been branded as a cool roofing system by the Department of Energy.  During hot weather month it shields the house from the sun, keeping it cool by reflecting the rays away. In the winter it's going to trap heat from your furnace inside your living space, to lower energy consumption. Adding new insulation when you update the roof also helps with energy costs.

There are many benefits to updating the roof on your home, and a great variety of benefits when you do it with new metal panels. Talk with the different roofing contractors in your area to see which ones specialize in metal roofing installation, and get more than one quote. This is going to improve the value of your home, and the roof should last for decades. For more information, try this web-site.