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Top 5 Elevator Maintenance Tips

by Wade Black

Are you interested in keeping your elevator well maintained so that the need for a maintenance service is reduced? There are many different maintenance steps that you can take to decrease the rate at which your elevator becomes worn out. With that thought in mind, here are the top elevator maintenance tips to consider:

  • Keep an eye on lift capacity: In buildings with heavy foot traffic, keep an eye on the elevators to make sure they are used above capacity. If there is a tendency for too many people to get on the elevator, then measures should be taken to avoid that. This can include the posting of signs near and inside the lift, and educating people in the building about the dangers of an overloaded lift. This in turn will make people more aware of the problem, and possibly the overcrowding problem will stop.
  • Daily inspections: Make sure to check your elevators on a daily basis for optimal functionality. Keep an eye on how the doors are closing, and then ride the lift both alone and with other people to see how it responds during movement. If there are weird vibrations, sounds or the lift slows down for no reason, then repairs might be required. The point of daily inspections is to catch a potentially serious problem early so that repairs can be made.
  • Keep a logbook: When the elevator repair service company arrives, you need to be specific with your account of how the elevator is functioning. Therefore, when you notice any irregularities, write them down in a diary. Then, write down the time you noticed the irregularity and describe it. The maintenance repair crew can use that information to help them identify what the problem might be.
  • Broken equipment: You don't need to call out an elevator repair service for every type of problem. For example, a broken button, or burnt out light can be fixed by an in-house technician. The advantage of using an in-house technician is the speed and lower cost at which the damage can be repaired.
  • No industrial cleaners: The internal mechanism of an elevator is prone to corrosion damage when industrial cleaners are used. Therefore, make sure to specify to your cleaning staff not to clean the elevators unless they are using cleaning products specifically designed for elevators. Protecting your elevator from corrosion damage will prevent costly maintenance bills or expensive parts that must be replaced.