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Five Simple DIY Projects To Make Your Glass Shower Doors More Private

by Wade Black

Glass shower doors are beautiful, they fill your shower with light, and they can make your bathroom feel bigger, but if you have a big family and a busy bathroom, they don't offer much privacy. You can remove your clear glass doors and replace them with frosted, colored or etched glass, but if you're not ready for a remodeling project yet, there are other options.

Here are a few simple, DIY options for making your glass shower doors more private:

1. Hang a decorative shower curtain

With a tension rod, you can easily hang a curtain over your glass shower doors. Just secure the rod above the doors, and hang the curtain so it falls over the doors. Don't worry about the liner—the shower doors act as the liner. And opt for fabric rather than vinyl—fabric will hang more smoothly while vinyl or plastic may stick to your shower doors.

2. Create privacy with a shade

In lieu of a shower curtain, consider hanging a shade. You can hang wooden slat shades or fabric Roman shades from your ceiling. Leave them up when not in use, and pull them down when you need a private place to shower. It creates a fun decorative effect as well and is a convenient way to hide a dirty shower if guests are on the way over.

3. Apply some decals

If you don't want to hide the beautiful frame of your shower doors, get playful with strategically placed decals. Whether you choose whimsical rubber duckies or sophisticated vines and flowers, they can provide strategic privacy for your next shower. Best of all, you can easily change designs when you get sick of your first choice.

4. Use window privacy film

If decals don't provide you with enough coverage, consider using window privacy film. Often used to block UV rays or blackout car windows, films can be applied directly to the outside of your glass door. They allow the person showering to look out but make anything behind the glass shower doors appear shadowy.

5. Pop up a folding screen

If you've got lots of space in your bathroom, use a folding screen to give your shower area more privacy. You can buy a huge range of folding screens in single colors or fun designs, and you can even buy screens that come filled with spots to put your favorite photographs or drawings.

For more information, contact the company that installed your glass shower door (such as Shower Doors & More).