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Budget Bathroom Makeover Tips

by Wade Black

Are you tired of the way your bathroom looks? Do you want to freshen it up, but don't have a huge budget? A bathroom makeover doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. There are quick and simple things you can do to update your bathroom, even if it still looks like a picture from a 70's magazine. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Refinish the bathtub: Bathtub refinishing is going to be less expensive than purchasing an entirely new bathtub and paying to have it installed. When done by professionals, a good bathtub refinishing job will hide your avocado green or harvest gold tub underneath a durable layer of a specially prepared material in your choice of color. Although some people may think that they can update the finish of their tub with ordinary household paint, this isn't a good idea. Not only is the surface not very durable, the paint itself will have a hard time sticking to your bathtub. Leave the bathtub refinishing to the professionals for the best results.

Refinish the sink: Why let the bathtub have all the fun? Although the refinishing won't be able to hide an out of date half clam shell-like shape, you can update ugly faux marble or faux granite with brighter and more modern colors. As a bonus, the refinishing process will also hide any gouges or scratches that have happened to the sink since it was installed.

Paint the bathroom cabinets: In decades gone by, dark wood was all the rage. Unfortunately, dark wood can make a tiny bathroom seem even smaller. Brighten things up by giving all the bathroom cabinets a coat of glossy white paint. For a more involved project, real wood cabinets made of oak, pine or similarly light-colored woods can have their dark stain stripped and sanded away, allowing you to use a much lighter stain and varnish to refinish them. 

Install floating shelves: A lack of usable shelving in a bathroom can also contribute to a crowded feeling. Instead of having room for all the linens and other necessary items, you may have to stack things atop one another to store them. Adding shelves can help you spread out the necessary items, reducing the cluttered appearance. Floating shelves are especially good for bathrooms. For a cleaner look with limited wall space, you probably want to minimize the amount of visible brackets.