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4 Remodeling Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Appeal Larger

by Wade Black

The challenge with remodeling a small bathroom is that you do not have a great deal of space with which to work. However, with the right choices, you can live large in your small space. Here are some tips to maximize your small bathroom and get the look you want. 

Use Lighting to Create an Illusion

The lighting in your bathroom can help make your bathroom seem larger than it actually is. Direct and indirect lighting placed strategically around your bathroom can brighten the room and make it appear bigger without overwhelming it. 

For instance, you can use a combination of recessed lighting over the shower and wall lights to highlight the fixtures in your bathroom without making it seem smaller. 

Select the Right Sink

The sink in your bathroom can take away valuable space and also impede the flow of traffic in the room. Fortunately, selecting the right sink and placing it in a prime position can buy you space. 

For instance, installing a corner sink opens up room that would have otherwise been occupied by a pedestal sink. If you do opt for the corner sink, ensure that it is not blocking the opening or closing of the bathroom and shower doors. 

An oval-shaped sink can even open up more counter space than a square sink would. 

Use Rounded Corners

Sharp corners can not only hurt when you bump into them, but they can also shrink the space in your bathroom as you move to get around them. To avoid this, opt for rounded corners. 

If you do opt for a vanity, opt for one with rounded corners instead of sharp corners. Even if the space you have outlined for the vanity is square, the rounded vanity can still work in it. 

Opt for Large-Scale Patterns

Large-scale patterns can trick the eyes into believing that there is more room than there actually is. For instance, wide stripes can make a wall seem like it goes on far longer than it does. 

You can even extend those large-scale patterns to other areas of your bathroom. For instance, a shower curtain with wide stripes can add to the illusion. Bath rugs with wide patterns are also good to use.

There are many other tricks that you can employ to make your bathroom seem larger than it is. Consult with an experienced contractor to learn what else you can do in your particular bathroom that fits within your budget and design ideas. 

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