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3 Perks Of Laminate Floor

by Wade Black

Laminate floors are great for residential property owners who want a low maintenance, no-nonsense product. Many people are drawn to laminate because they are so easy to own. But, laminate floors are also very stylish. They are much more affordable than wood or tile floors and the installation is so much faster. At the same time, laminate floors are very cheap and easy to maintain over the years. It is easy to see why laminate floors are used in so many different types of construction. 

Laminate Floors Have Great Faux Textures and Prints

Laminate floors have very technical designs. Since most people don't want their floors to look like cheap old linoleum, they choose laminate floors that have wood or stone prints. High quality laminates even have fake textures that make the floor look even more like the real thing. For instance, a laminate floor with a wood print will even have the feel of rough hewn wood. This slight texture makes the laminate look a like more realistic  and warmer, but also makes it easier to clean.

Laminate Floors are Easy to Install

Not all laminate floors use the same installation system. Some have interlocking edges that allow the pieces to fit together like a puzzle. Then, you just add flooring adhesive to the subfloor and place the laminate down. These are simple to install, but they are not the easiest. The easiest laminate floors to install are those with adhesive backing. This a basically just big flooring stickers. You peel off the paper back before you lay the flooring. This obviously simplifies the installation process and makes it very fast. No special tools, power saws or drills are necessary. You can easily cut the laminate to size using a utility blade or large scissors.  

Laminate Floors are Easy to Maintain

As mentioned, laminate floors are very easy to maintain. They can be clean with ease, whether you choose to wet mop, sweep or vacuum them. Furthermore, you don't need to apply an protective coat or stain to seal the floor and make it waterproof. This means you end up saving a lot of time and money over the years. Refinishing wood floors is a painstaking and expensive process. It is easy to see why many homeowners prefer owning a laminate floor with a wood texture and print instead of actual wood.

There are many reasons to choose laminate floors, it is easy to see why it is such a popular material. Contact a local outlet, such as Lockwoods Carpets, for further assistance.