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How To Clean A Furnace Blower Compartment

by Wade Black

Over its lifetime, your furnace is bound to lose some of its efficiency. Usually, decreased airflow is a result of a furnace that simply has not been serviced in a while. Most people call professional HVAC contractors to inspect and service their furnace. The motor and gas lines within the furnace should definitely be handled by licensed professionals. However, there are several components of a normal furnace that can be easily checked and often repaired to make it more efficient. Every furnace will have a large blower compartment that is easily accessible. This article explains how to access and clean within the blower compartment to hopefully increase the airflow of your furnace.

Accessing the Blower Compartment

Furnaces are usually located in the basement or garage. The large metal cabinet has a main access door which usually holds the blower. On some furnaces the access door is opened with a latch. On some older models you actually need to take out some screws to get the access door off. Likewise, older models do not have a convenient power switch that you can simply turn off before working on it. Some newer models have a power switch on the outside of the actual cabinet, or just inside the door.

Cleaning the Blower Compartment

You will need to have a good light source to see inside the blower compartment once the door is removed. First, give the compartment a thorough cleaning. You can wipe it down with wet rags or use a hose vacuum to reach deep inside. The most important areas to clean are the fans, the blades, and any input or output hoses. These are the critical junctures where air is circulated by the fan. If these are blocked in any way, the airflow will be greatly affected. You will also notice electronic control boards within a separate compartment inside the cabinet. Be careful to not knock any of these wires. However, if the wires and board look dusty or moldy, you can wipe them down carefully. If it seems like the electronic components are more seriously damaged, you should leave them alone and call an HVAC specialist for a furnace repair.

This simple cleaning can greatly increase the efficiency of your unit. Your furnace may start to run better, more quietly, and use less energy to power the blower. In fact, this is a smart job to do even if you don't currently notice any problems with airflow in your home. If your furnace is not been serviced for a few years, this is never a bad idea.