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Four Things That Can Help Your Cooling System Stay In Working Order During The Off-Season

by Wade Black

You might not be giving your AC unit much thought over the winter months. As spring turns into summer and the first heat wave hits, the last thing you want to be stuck with is a malfunctioning AC unit. If you can be good to your cooling system year-round, then it will be ready when you need it and won't give you trouble at the start of the warm season. Here are four tips when it comes to keeping your AC unit in working order during the off-season.

1. Invest in an Outdoor Cover

If you live in an area where you can really feel the seasons, your exterior AC unit might be faced with harsh winter weather. It is a good idea to invest in a fitter cover to protect your air conditioner from rusting, freezing, debris, or animals making homes within your compressor. When warm weather rolls around again, your external AC unit will be ready and free from damage.

2. Keep Cleaning Needs on Your Radar

When you are shutting down your cooling system for the season, be sure to clean areas inside and out that are related to your cooling system. Vacuum in and around vents, especially if these will be used for your heating system as well. If these cleaning habits can continue throughout the winter, you won't have to do a big clean when it is time to turn your AC unit back on.

3. Off-Season Servicing

It is never a good idea to wait until the hottest day of the summer to call in a heating and cooling specialist to come and look at why your AC unit isn't cooling right or is making weird noises. If you can have this looked at in between seasons, you won't be in dire need of repairs, and your HVAC contractor won't be as swamped when it comes to their servicing schedule.

4. Think About Upgrades Needed

The off-season is a great time to find deals on new AC units and programmable thermostats. If you wait to look into investments around your air conditioning needs until the summer, prices will be up and you won't find as many deals. If your cooling system is linked to your heating needs as well, try to schedule upgrades during mild weather so this isn't during either a heatwave or a cold snap, when prices might be up for equipment and servicing.

Keeping your cooling system in working order throughout the entire year can save you money and can cut down on emergency repairs. Try not to only give your air conditioner the attention this needs only in the summer months. If you can provide maintenance and upkeep throughout the off-season as well, your AC unit will be ready to go when summer heats up. Call a contractor, like Universal Enterprises Inc., for more help.