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Foundation Cracks Can Mean Big Trouble – Be Safe, Hire A Structural Expert

by Wade Black

If you have noticed any cracks in your foundation, it would be good advice to consult with a knowledgeable professional. Covering cracks or gaps in your foundation block may conveniently hide them, but it will not address the underlying problem.

Cracks can be indicative of a serious foundation problem, so unless you are an expert, it is probably a good time to call one. Obtaining a structural foundation report from a certified structural engineer is the best way to guarantee that you fix the cause, not just put a cover over it. Here's why you need a report from an expert to find the root cause of your foundation cracks before they cause you a more serious problem.

Who Do You Call?

If your foundation cracks are only a surface problem, cosmetic flaws in your foundation, then any handyman could fix the problem. The problem is how do you know for sure they are just surface cracks?

A licensed engineer, with a specialization in home foundations, will provide you with a detailed evaluation. Consult with a building contractor to get a list of certified foundation inspectors, and ask which ones they recommend.

Your home's stability rests on its foundation. Everything above your floor line depends on the stability of this base. Do not cut corners by hiring anything less than an industry expert.

What Will You Get?

Being an expert in all aspects of your home foundation, a structural foundation engineer will provide you an extensive report. They will, first of all, know the geology of your area. This will give them the expertise allowing them to understand what might be going on underground that could be responsible for your problem.

Often, a structural issue with your foundation has nothing to do with your foundation at all, but with changes in the earth your foundation is built upon. An understanding of regional geology is essential. The first thing that a professional inspection will provide you with is a true sense of what is underneath your foundation.

Once any problems with the ground itself are determined, a foundation engineer has the necessary tools and equipment to check the stability of your foundation itself. The stress tests will be performed at multiple points in your foundation to see where an issue might exist.

This is very important, since many times a problem in one place can show up on the other side of your home's foundation. Understanding the structural engineering that goes into a foundation will present clues to where the problem really is. When finished, your report will include both the geological assessment, and a precise explanation of what is causing your foundation cracks, where the problem is, and how to fix it properly.

If you see cracks in your foundation, or even small gaps developing between your blocks, do yourself a favor and find out what's causing them. If they are just surface problems, consider yourself fortunate. Too often these innocent looking cracks turn out to be caused by a more serious issue, and covering them up will not make the problem disappear. Hire a foundation expert from companies like Perma Jack Texas and save yourself a potential headache in the future.