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Questions To Ask Before Having A Personal Spa Constructed

by Wade Black

When you're eager to have a personal spa constructed on your property, you want to have it done right away. However, it's wise to have the following questions answered so that you're sure that you have the spa that you want and the job is done in a way that you're satisfied with.

Should I Get a Portable Spa or an In-ground Spa?

The first decision you're probably going to make is whether to have a portable spa or one that sits in-ground. If you get a portable spa, you will be able to move it to a different location if you choose and you'll also be able to move it along with the rest of your things if you should ever leave or sell your home. An in-ground spa, on the other hand, cannot be moved but can raise the value of your house so that you sell it for a higher price if you should ever want to leave the house.

Can the Spa Be Run on Propane or Gas?

While most of the spas and hot tubs out there are powered with electricity, you can purchase units that are not. Such units are generally powered by propane or natural gas. These power sources can at times be more affordable than using electricity, so when looking at different models and selecting the hot tub you want, find out if units you like can be run on something other than electricity.

Do I Need a New Outlet?

If you decide on a unit that uses electricity, depending on where you want to set up the spa, you might need a new outlet put in. You may also need to work with an electrician to determine whether your existing panel is sufficient for this new addition. You'll also need to know that the outlet you're using has a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect you and your family from electrocution.

If you do in fact need a new outlet, it's smart to talk to an electrician about what those costs may be like so that you can factor them into the total amount you're willing to spend on the spa.

Once the above questions are answered, you can feel better about your spa being built. Talking your way through the process with your spa contractor will give you a deeper understanding of every step. You'll soon be able to enjoy your new spa. Contact a company like KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas to learn more.