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Different Door Styles To Consider For Your Kitchen

by Wade Black

While changing the cabinet doors in your kitchen can dramatically improve the look of the space, adding a door to the opening of the kitchen might also be something to consider. If you favor being able to enclose the kitchen, a door can be the solution. However, you don't necessarily want to choose just any standard interior door. This is an opportunity to select a door that not only offers functionality, but also gives this part of your home some style. Talk with a local remodeling contractor about the various options available to you so that he or she fully understands what you want. Here are three different door styles that you might consider.

Sliding Door

A sliding door is a perfect choice for your kitchen. Whether you go with a pocket door that slides into the wall or a large, barnboard-style door that fits over the wall when it's opened, you'll appreciate this type of door. In addition to offering style and being easy to use, a sliding door is ideal for a kitchen because it doesn't swing open and take up space. If the kitchen is on the cramped side, having a door swing through it each time someone enters or exits can be a hassle; with a sliding door, you won't have this worry.

Glass Door

A glass door—or, more aptly, a wooden door with one or more glass panels—can be another good idea to consider for a kitchen door. Members of your family go in and out of the kitchen several times per day, which means that an opaque door may be an issue. The last thing you want when you're carrying a couple plates of appetizers out to a dinner party is for someone to burst through the door and bump into you. With a door with glass in it, everyone will be able to see who's on the other side of the door before using it.

Dutch Door

A Dutch door is split horizontally across the middle, allowing you to close the bottom while opening the top portion. This type of door is ideal for a kitchen. With the top part open, you'll be able to see outside the kitchen, much in the same manner as a glass door. You'll also be able to communicate easily with those outside the kitchen, which might be handy during a dinner party in which your guests are in the adjacent room. Being able to keep the bottom half of the door closed is convenient if you want to keep pets out of the kitchen when you have food sitting on the counter, for example. 

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