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3 Things To Check On An Arc Stud Welder Before You Buy It

by Wade Black

Arc stud welders are one of the most convenient types of welders out there, and they are highly prized by novice welders. However, even though arc stud welders are in high demand and available pretty much everywhere, no two models are exactly the same in form or function. This means that when you buy an arc stud welder for the first time, you really do have to watch what you're doing to ensure you get a model that is right for you. Here is a look at some of the things you should look at when you buy your very first arc stud welder. 

Will the welder have a sturdy place for setup in your garage?

One of the most important things about bringing a stud welding system home is making sure you have a sizable, stable place for it to be set up, especially if it is a larger model. The larger models sometimes come with anchor bolts and feet that should attach to a stable work surface. Make sure the area you have planned will be free from obstacles, give you access to electrical power if necessary, and be easily accessible as you work. Look at the dimensions of any welder you are considering buying and ensure it coincides with what you have available as far as space is concerned. 

Does the welder feel right when you handle it? 

Don't ever buy a welder that you have not had the opportunity to handle, take out of the box, and get a good feel for. Stud welders usually have a small handheld gun-like piece that you use to place the studs in place, but these can range greatly from one to the next. Not every new welder will feel comfortable with the same type of welding gun. 

How long will the warranty cover parts and repair?

Even though arc stud welders with a long-duration warranty can be higher, it is usually worth the price investment. Therefore, find a good welder that has a warranty that will cover defaults in parts and repair for problems that come up that are not your fault. 

In the end, buying a stud welder may seem like a fairly simple thing. Yet, there are some careful considerations to be made. Talk to a welding equipment contractor for further help with picking out the right arc stud welding equipment if you are a novice welder.