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Did You Buy A Clunker Car For Your Teenager?

by Wade Black

So, you now have a teenager who's driving. Mixed emotions, right? On one hand, you're probably more than just a little bit nervous to have him or her out in crazy traffic. On the other hand, won't it be nice not to be the official chauffeur anymore? Did you decide to buy a disposable car for your teenager? Perhaps you considered that, as a new driver, he or she might have at least minor accidents, and maybe even a major one. Why buy an expensive car, right? 

If you bought a reliable clunker car for your teenager, it still might need some sprucing up. From arranging for auto glass repair to having some body work done, here are some ideas that might help you.

Window Repair - Does the car have damaged windows? Of course, that's something you more than likely want to take care of even before your son or daughter drives the car. Whether it's the front window or another window of the car, consider taking it to an auto glass repair shop where the window or windows can be either repaired or replaced. Fortunately, auto glass repair is more than likely not going to hurt your wallet too much, and it won't take long for the work to be done. Count on experts who have training and experience to do a very professional job on the car windows. 

Body Work - If the car drives well and once you have repaired the windows, the aesthetic repairs are probably secondary to you. After all, your primary concern is more than likely that the car is a safe one for your son or daughter to drive. Still, you also probably want it to look decent. Does it have dents that can easily be fixed? Perhaps the previous owner of the car had a minor accident, and something like a fender needs to be replaced.

On the other hand, you might even want to do some major body work on the clunker car. If the car needs to be painted, consider taking it to a less expensive shop to have the work done. Your son or daughter would probably be totally excited if you chose his or her favorite color for the new paint. Perhaps the paint job is already a pretty decent one, but you want to do something special for your son or daughter. If so, consider having pin stripes added to the sides of the car. 

For more information, contact your local auto glass service.