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Updates To Protect Your Home Exterior From Hurricane And Winter Storms

by Wade Black

Winter is approaching and with it, hurricane season and other storms are beginning make their way through parts of the United States. Here are some recommended updates you can make to your home to protect it from hurricane season and other heavy winter storms that may come your way.

Prepare Your Roof

Your roof is your home's natural first defense from storms and wet weather, as it protects your interior from a direct hit from a storm's rain or snowfall. The type of roof you have on your home can make a difference, as its materials will either remain in place or blow away during hurricane force winds in speeds of 100 mph and more.

First, make sure your home is installed with an appropriate flashing and water repellent roofing layer to protect your roofing deck from moisture infiltration. If you are replacing your roof, this is a good opportunity to make sure it is installed with these barriers.

Next, the type of shingles installed on your roof needs to be able to withstand high winds, and an average asphalt shingle will not do so. It is recommended to install asphalt shingles rated to withstand winds up to 130 mph with extra shingle adhesive and attachments. If you want to opt for a more durable shingle, you can go with clay or concrete tiles, which hold up in winds of high speeds and are built to last longer than asphalt.

Protect Your Home Interior

Your home interior is most susceptible to wind and rain damage if your home's windows do not remain intact. As soon as your windows fail, the interior of your home's air pressure changes and can cause your home to lose its roof and other structural walls, leaving your home destroyed. Installing the right type of windows and window protection can make the difference between losing your home to the storm and having it protected.

Installing hurricane impact windows on your home will protect your home interior, as they are made of impact-resistant material. Impact windows are created with an inter-layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) between the layers of glass. This durable layer holds your windows intact, even if they become cracked by the impact of hurricane debris or the force of the winds.

You can also add hurricane shutters that install on the outside of your home, and you can open and close them as you need to prepare for any storms. This option is more attractive and convenient than installing plywood to your home's windows.