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3 Reasons Not To DIY Your Electrical Repairs

by Wade Black

Have you recently purchased an older home? Are you only just now discovering that it has one or more electrical problems? For a lot of homeowners, this means rolling up their sleeves and trying to fix the problems themselves. But when it comes to electrical work, this isn't exactly a wise idea. No matter why you're thinking about enacting the repairs on your own, there are a number of reasons why you should actually leave this sort of thing to a professional. Some of the most important reasons include: 

1. Save time: If you're not a professional electrician yourself, figuring out how to do a particular electrical repair can be quite time-consuming. You'll need to read a lot of online articles and watch a lot of instructional videos in the hopes of finding exactly the information that you need to enact the repair. This process can take days or weeks of your time, during which the problem will continue to plague you. If you call a professional electrician out, it may seem silly to pay them for only a few minutes of work, but you need to remember that they only do it that fast now because they have had time to practice and learn before they ever got to your home.

2. Save money: When trying to do an electrical repair with no prior experience, it can be all too easy to purchase the wrong supplies at the hardware store. Only after you've taken the item home and tried to use it do you realize that it doesn't work as expected. You may then forget to take it back to the hardware store, the hardware store may not allow you to return used items, or you may have lost the receipt for the item. Whatever the case, that money is now lost forever. By the time you add up all the purchases, small and large, that you weren't able to take back, you'll likely find it would have been cheaper to just call in an electrician in the first place.

3. Modernize: You may look at an electrical issue and figure that you can just replace the damaged area with identical materials purchased at the hardware store. This may work, but this kind of electrical repair may also backfire. For instance, it used to be allowed to use wires made of aluminum as a cheap alternative to copper electrical wiring. Nowadays, we know that this unsafe and that aluminum wires can be a fire hazard. A professional electrician will be aware of these things and will know when it is safe to replace like with like and when it's really time to install something newer and better in its place.