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How To Restore Your Old Chain Link Fence

by Wade Black

A chain link fence will last for years, but it may eventually need repairs to fix storm damage or remove rust. If you have an old chain link fence that's been neglected and has become an eyesore on your property, you may be able to restore it and save the expense of having it replaced. Here are some ways to get your old fence looking good again.

Clear Out Growth

Chain link mesh is the perfect trellis for plants and weeds. However, these can cause damage to the fence, so start by pulling out all the growth in and around the fence. This clears space for working too. When your fence is repaired, you may even want to put a border of gravel or mulch around it so that weeds won't become a problem in the future, and you can mow the area better to keep growth under control.

Sand Off Rust

A galvanized steel fence is treated for rust, but when the fence is old, rust can still develop, especially in areas that were scratched or dented. You can't paint over rust because it will continue to spread. Instead, use a wire brush to get rid of the rust and any peeling paint. This could be a time-consuming process if there is a lot of rust on the fence. You may need to decide if it's worth the time and effort to remove all the rust or if you're better off putting in a new fence. After you remove the rust, apply a rust inhibitor and then paint the fence with aluminum paint. This will restore the appearance of the fence, but if the fence has damage, then you'll need to have those areas repaired as well.

Get Help With Damage Repairs

Damaged areas of a chain link fence can usually be cut out and replaced. This involves detaching the mesh from the rails when a rail needs to be removed. A bent rail can then be removed or cut out and a new rail slid into place. You may even prefer to do this if a rail is heavily rusted to save the work of removing rust. A hole in a chain link fence can be repaired by patching in new mesh. A sagging fence can be repaired too depending on the reason for sagging. The cause might be loose hinges, a loose post, broken tension wire, or mesh that's stretched and needs to be tightened. A fence repair service can fix a variety of problems with a chain link fence and the gate so that your fence is restored at a lower cost than a full replacement.

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