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Measures To Prevent Tree Root Damage

by Wade Black

Tree roots can cause a lot of damage to foundations, landscaping, and underground utility lines (such as sewer pipes). However, you can prevent all these forms of damage if you use the following tree care tips.

Plant the Right Species

If you haven't planted trees in your yard yet, then you can prevent future damage by planting the right tree species. For example, you should avoid trees with large roots, particularly if you don't have a large yard. You should choose trees that don't grow too big because big trees have large roots. You should also avoid species that require too much water since trees that require a lot of water cause damage as the roots grow in search of water.

Choose Where to Plant

Where you plant your trees also matters because tree roots don't grow endlessly. Therefore, plant your trees somewhere their roots won't reach the infrastructure you want to protect. For example, you should know where your underground utility lines pass so you don't plant trees close to them. You should also know where your septic drain field is located, if you use a septic system, and avoid the area. Lastly, you should plant trees away from the house to avoid foundation damage.

Cut Offending Roots

If you are just worried about one or two roots, then you can cut them off and let the offending tree remain. You won't kill a tree if you cut off one or two roots, especially if the parent tree is huge and mature. Say a large tree has a long root that is approaching your house's foundation. You can cut off the root so that you don't have to remove the whole tree.

Use Root Barriers

In some cases, cutting off an offending tree root only works as a temporary measure. The root can grow and cause the same damage you wanted to prevent in the first palace. In such a case, using a root barrier makes a more permanent solution. Root barriers are underground structures, more like underground fences, that prevent tree roots from growing beyond a point.

Remove Dangerous Trees

In some cases, you may have no option but to remove the offending tree. This may be the case, for example, if someone planted a huge tree right next to the house and it has started causing problems. In such a case, remove the tree and kill or uproot the stump so that it doesn't sprout new roots and cause damage.

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