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Designing A Custom Shower? Here's What You Need To Know About Shower Niches

by Wade Black

If you are in the process of designing a custom shower stall for your master bathroom, then you need to decide whether or not to include a shower niche (or two!) in your plans. Since it is very hard to install a niche after a shower stall has already been built, it's important to include them in your original design plans.

Including a niche in your new shower gives you a convenient place to put your soap and other health and beauty products that matches your overall design and is easy to keep clean and organized.

Shower Niche Styles and Materials

Just as showers are built in a wide variety of different styles and with various building materials, so too are their niches.

You can purchase pre-made niches made of ceramic or metal. These niches are easiest to install because they simply fit into the wall and are then surrounded with the tile or other material used in the shower.

If your new master bathroom's shower will be tiled, then you have the alternative option of purchasing a frame used to create a custom tiled niche. The niche frame is installed in the shower's concrete backer board and then the tile is applied over the top.

Ease of Installation for Shower Niches

When it comes to ease of installation, shower niches that are prefabricated are by far the fastest and easiest to install. Since they are only made of one piece of metal or ceramic, all they require for installation is leveling them and attaching to the wall studs.

Alternatively, custom tile niches often require many different small pieces of tile to be cut down to size so they can be applied after the prefabricated frame has been installed. While the cuts are easy to make using a tile saw with a diamond-tipped blade, it takes a lot of skill to make the niche look like it was tiled by a professional and not a DIY project.

A Note About Niche Size

Since the size of soap bars and other health and beauty product packaging changes from year to year as design trends change, it's vital you make your shower niche large enough to accommodate not only all of the products you use today but potential future products. The last thing you want is for your niche to end up being too short to stand up your shampoo and conditioner bottles.