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How Concrete Lifting Services Can Repair Your Foundation

by Wade Black

If your home's foundation is damaged, there are different solutions that can be used to repair these problems. One of the often-used solutions is concrete lifting, which is a special technique used to correct problems with settling and other damage. The following will help when you contract these services to repair your home's foundation:

Inspecting Exterior Hardscaping Concrete

The hardscaping around your home is where you will want to start with concrete lifting repairs. These special techniques are used to correct issues with damage to driveways, sidewalks, and other concrete slabs near your home. For example, you may want to use lifting to fix a damaged patio that is causing other problems with your foundation and your home structure. Repairing the issues with the concrete hardscaping outside your home will help prevent serious damage to your foundation.

Evaluating Interior Concrete Slab Damage

There are also interior concrete slabs that can cause problems with your foundation. A laser transom can be used to identify the lowest spots of a concrete slab where lifting repairs are needed. Sometimes, the damage is easy to see due to cracks, but other problems are less visible. Inspecting the slabs with a transom will help to pinpoint problem areas where repairs are needed to protect your home from damage.

Excavating and Adding Aggregate to Support Lifting

When you are using lifting to repair damaged concrete, you are going to want to have aggregate added to the areas that are being repaired. This additional gravel will reduce concrete and provide a solid base for the lifting to be done. When conventional gravel materials cannot be used, sand is another alternative that the contractor may use to ensure there is little compaction once the lifting has been done.

Correcting Damage

Once you have finished all the inspections and preparations, the concrete lifting process can begin. Different materials will be used to raise the concrete slab in damaged areas to get it level again and correct the damage. The slab can be lifted using pneumatic equipment and expanding foam materials. Once the concrete is level again, it will be reinforced and hardened using more conventional cement materials.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about using concrete lifting to repair your home's damage. If you are having problems with your foundation, contact a local concrete lifting service to discuss these solutions for the repairs.